Holland Duell

Holland Sackett Duell

1/29/1881 – 11/25/1942

1-29-1881: Holland Sackett Duell was born in Syracuse, New York to Charles Holland Duell and his wife, Harriet (Sackett) Duell.

1902: Holland S. Duell graduated Yale B.A

1904: Holland S. Duell graduated New York Law School LL.B., was admitted to the bar and joined the law firm Duell, Megarth & Warfield in New York.

9-29-1904: Holland Duell and Mabel Halliwell were married at the Hotel Majestic.

1-17-1907: At 25 years of age, Holland S. Duell won the election and became an assemblyman representing the 2nd district of Westchester County.

6-1907: Holland Duell bought the sloop “Jolly Tar” which he kept on a mooring at Echo Bay next to the New Rochelle Yacht Club, of which he became a member.

11-7-1908: Assemblyman Holland S. Duell won re-election by a landslide majority of the vote – the largest ever given in the territory for assembly.

2-24-1910: Holland Duell was voted in as a member of the American Yacht Club of Rye.

3-1910: Holland S. Duell bought his NY30 Rowdy, which had been built in 1905 for George M. Pynchon. His first race was 5-1-1910. He won scores of races with “Little Rowdy.”

4-1910: Holland S. Duell and his family had moved into their newly constructed estate in Yonkers “Ardenwold.” It was 20,000 sq. ft., had 30 rooms on 20 acres with seven servants.

3-23-1911: Holland was voted in as a member of the New York Yacht Club.

Late 1911: Holland Duell, by coming to the financial rescue of his friend, Frederick L Collins’ business – McClures Publications – ended up becoming his business partner and vice-president of the business.

3-1912: Emilie Brown, the cousin of Holland’s wife Mabel, was offered, and accepted a job to live at Ardenwold and help with the children.

1914: Holland S. Duell sold his NY30 Rowdy in early 1914.

10-14-1915: Holland Duell ordered the New York Forty Rowdy from the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company for $10,000 plus $280 for the wheel option instead of a tiller.

5-9-1916: The Rowdy was taken out for two hours of sea trials with her designer, Captain Nathaniel Herreshoff aboard.

11-10-1916: Superpictures Inc was formed to sell and distribute motion pictures with Holland S. Duell as treasurer, and his friend, Frederick L. Collins, as vice president.

4-6-1917: The United States declared a state of war with Germany and on 5-11-1917 and Holland S. Duell joined the military. He served with distinction as a major in command of artillery.

1-1919: Holland S. Duell returned home from France a hero and was highly decorated.

11-3-1920: Holland S. Duell was elected New York Senator to the 26th District. 1921: Holland S. Duell was awarded the New York State Conspicuous Service Cross.

7-24-1922: Senator Holland S. Duell was rated as the “ablest, most constructive and most independent” member of the Legislature in the annual review and awarded the Distinguished Service Palm by the New York State Association.

10-19-1922: Holland S. Duell received the Distinguished Service Cross from the secretary of war, Mr. Weeks, in Washington for “extraordinary heroism” at Binarville, France September 28-29, 1918.

1924: Lieutenant Colonel Holland S. Duell was promoted to Colonel.

8-25-1925: Holland and Mabel Duell received a divorce decree

9-1-1925: Holland Duell married Emilie M (Miller) Brown in London England, St George Hanover Square

6-17-1932: Holland S. Duell’s bought an NC600Y open cockpit Waco plane.

8-13-1932: Holland S. Duell became a Member of the new Westchester Aviation Club. Among the small 50 person membership are Holland S. Duell, Amelia Earhart – trans-Atlantic flyer, Frank Hawks – speed record flyer, William A. Rockefeller, Philip Morgan Plant – former NY40 Typhoon owner, George M Pynchon – Former NY40 Mistral and NY50 Istalena owner.

11-25-1942: Holland S. Duell died at his home, Elm Court, at 2 Beach Avenue, Larchmont at the age of 61 from a cerebral thrombosis.