Harriett Maria Sackett

(Charles H Duell Sr.’s wife)

9/12/1854 –  11/6/1916

9-12-1854: Born in Seneca Falls Harriett Maria Sackett was the great granddaughter of Major John Buttrick whose militia of farmers repelled the British at Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775.

Harriet Maria Sackett was first cousins withElihu Root (lawyer, recipient of Nobel peace prize, US senator, US secretary of War, Secretary of State)

11-20-1879: Charles Holland Duell married Harriet Maria Sackett.

11-6-1916: Harriett (Sackett) Duell, the wife of Charles Holland Duell Sr., died at her son, Holland Duell’s home, Ardenwold, in Yonkers