Charles Elizer Halliwell

Charles Elizer Halliwell

Charles Eleizer Halliwell

(Mabel Duell’s Father)

2/1850 – 5/6/1907    

1850: Charles Eleizer Halliwell was born in England.

1853: His family immigrated to St. Louis Missouri when he was three years old.

1-4-1882: Charles Eliezer Halliwell married Annie P. Brown in St. Louis, Missouri

1899: By 1899 the American Tobacco Company had acquired most of the other tobacco companies in the United States. At the time Charles Eliezer Halliwell was in control of the Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Company in St. Louis. When it was acquired by American Tobacco, Halliwell was made an officer of the company. He soon rose to the position of vice president and became one of the largest stock holders of American Tobacco Company.

1900: Soon after becoming an officer of American Tobacco Company, to accommodate the busy merger business of the company, Charles E. Halliwell moved his family to Manhattan, becoming one of the wealthiest men in New York.

3-11-1902: Annie (Brown) Halliwell, wife to Charles E Halliwell died from pneumonia after an illness of less than two weeks.

4 to 7-1902: Shortly after the death of his wife, Charles Halliwell moved to the Hotel Majestic, along Central Park, occupying very expensive apartments.

10-4-1906: Charles E. Halliwell married  Ruth Alice Cole at all Angeles Church in Manhattan. She had been his nurse (22 years younger) for two extended periods of time following an operation for appendicitis.

5-6-1907: Charles E. Halliwell died of a cerebral hemorage.  He left 1.25 million to his new wife, 1.25 million to his son and 2.5 million to his daughter Mabel